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After through asset restructuring, Shenglu has become a diversified group in communications, automotive electronics, military industry and other fields develop

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Core strengths-www.55gvb.com
  • Advantages of R & D innovation capability

    With outstanding antenna RF design capabilities, provide a high level of design services;

    Has a good technical experience, access to 76 patents;

    The first concept and application of fractal technology in the industry;

    Maintain the research and promotion of new technology.

  • R & D resources advantage -www.55gvb.com

    Have advanced darkrooms and leading R & D test equipments;

    Have a high level of R & D team;

    Third party testing organization and professional testing team;

    Set up R & D center in Sweden, for technical research, exchanges and cooperation.


    Lean manufacturing and mass manufacturing advantages

    Leading manufacturing capacity in Chinese Antenna industry;

    Own SMT patch production Line, injection molding workshop, providing antenna integration solutions;

    30 Product lines and sufficient expansion capacity.


    Management advantages of innovation management

    Stable and innovative management team;

    Certified ISO9001、TS16949、ISO14001、QC080000、OHSMS18001

  •  www.55gvb.com

    High quality customer and market advantage

    The earliest engaged in antenna research and development and realize the industrialization;

    Accumulated many years of close to the customer's coordinated development ability;

    Complete product series, has a group of domestic mainstream mobile clients,

    To establish a good customer reputation and long-term strategic cooperation.


    Diversified industrial advantage

    Around the antenna industry, and has completed the microwave antenna, antenna industry leading chamber; Completed automobile electronics, military industry layout;

    In the future, with the advantages in the antenna main business platform for the customer and the comprehensive strength of the listed company, the plan implementation platform expansion and the coordinated development of industry.

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