Heirloom quality is time-tested craftsmanship which lasts from generation to generation.

I take great care to ensure every stitch which connects the thread to the fabric is secure, properly executed and will not pull out; that each stitch within the crocheted pattern is also properly executed and not cause the pattern to unravel. I did this with the blankets I made for my children. The blankets I made for my son were used for his daughter. The blankets I made for my daughter are currently being used for her daughter. All the blankets continue to show no sign of ripping, tearing or coming apart, and show very little wear - even though they are used on a daily basis! This is time-tested craftsmanship. This is my craftsmanship.

The blankets I make for you, my customer, is of the same time-tested quality I make for my family. They should surfive usage by more than just one child, when cared for properly (unless, of course, in the case of 'security' blankets; we all know how those eventually become). The blankets I make can withstand many machine washing and drying cycles including the hand embroidery. (They will just not have the crisp, new look if machine dried. See the "Suggested Washing Instructions" to healp retain retain the new look.) The blanket you buy today for that tiny bundle of today should be in good condition for that baby's baby, and maybe for the next, and perhaps even for the next!
I believe THIS is true heirloom quality! THIS is the quality I make for my family and friends. THIS is what you, my customer, will receive.

 What is "Heirloom Quality?"

Welcome, Friends to my collection of hand crafted heirloom quality baby blankets!